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   Arcadian Vandal Proof Lock

 Part of a Resista High Security Locking System installation. Click for more details.


     ERA Digital Lock

    Videx Entry System - external key pad.


Lock Opening.

This service provides assistance when keys have been lost, stolen or not returned to landlords or their agents by tenants/viewers.

Broken or damaged locks which fail when locked also come under this heading.


Lock Fitting, Repair, Upgrade. 

We carry stocks of the most popular locks usually found on wood, PVCu and metal doors. This allows us to offer a speedy replacement so that security is not compromised.  

Are your locks up to standard? Insurance companies recommend fitting 5 lever or BS Kitemarked locks to external doors (including connecting doors to attached garages). If you are not sure about this or any other lock related matter, give us a call. It costs nothing to ask.


Keying Alike.

Too many keys? If all your locks are the same type but use different keys we may be able to convert them so that some or all use the same key. If you fitting new/upgraded locks anyway this is an option you may wish to consider.


Master Keying.

If you need to limit access to parts of your property so that certain people have access and others do not then consider a suite of locks which can be tailored to your individual requirements.


Window/Patio Door Locks.

Non-locking wood, PVCu and metal windows can usually be upgraded by the addition of key operated locks. Once again such locks are recommended by insurance companies.  

Replacement locks or locking handles for double glazed windows and patio doors can by supplied. Older patio doors may need additional locks to meet present day security standards. Anti-lift protection may also be worth considering.


Garage Locks.

Replacement or upgraded locks are available to suit most popular types of garage door. As most garages now contain such items as gardening tools (mowers, strimmers etc.), cycles, golf clubs and other sports equipment (and occasionally cars!) make sure your security is up to scratch. As mentioned above if you have an attached garage don't forget the connecting door with the house. Most insurance companies classify this as an external door which should be fitted with the appropriate type of lock.

We can upgrade the locking systems of many popular types of up and over garage doors. Please contact us for details.


Digital Locks.

These are becoming more popular as a way of controlling access without the need to carry keys. The ability to change the code if, for example a member of staff leaves, can save time and money for businesses. This option is worth considering as an alternative to Master Keying if frequent changes of key holders are required.


Entry Systems.

An audio or video entry system will allow you to speak to (or speak to and view) callers before opening the door by remote control. Such a system can be useful to someone of limited mobility or a business where the property entrance is not immediately adjacent to staff areas (first floor offices with a ground floor door for example.


Can't See What You're Looking For?

The above is, at present, only a basic guide to the products and services we can provide. New pages are being developed to increase the amount of information available. If you have an access control problem why not contact us.